Humor and Health

I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself.

–Johnny Carson

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

–Mark Twain

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Pregnancy is tough.

In addition to healthcare professionals, information on other expectant mothers and the mothers who have completed the journey could help get a better handle on common challenges during pregnancy.

Back pain is one of these challenges that usually starts at about half way point. Your baby is growing, and that extra weight increases the pressure on your back.

What causes back pain during pregnancy?

Some likely possibilities are:

Pregnancy weight gain – To carry 25 to 35 additional weight is typical. If you have ever picked up a 25-pound dumbbell or carried a 35-pound weight plate for a hundred yards, you know how much stress it could cause on your lower back. Now imagine carrying that weight around the clock.

That is a lot of load on the pelvis, spine and all the muscles that control them.

Change in posture – The weight of the baby shifts the center of gravity down and forward. Women who slouch will slouch even more and those who don’t are pulled into a slouch position. The slouch position changes the curvature of the spine and increases the pressure on the low back muscles.

Changes in hormones – Relaxin hormone increase loosens the ligaments in preparation for natural dilation during birth. Relaxin loosens all the ligaments including those that need to remain tight to keep the back aligned and pain-free.

Muscle separation – Expanding uterus may separate the rectus abdominis (six packs) and reduce the ability of your abs to brace your core and help your back muscles.

Stress Factors – Stress tightens everything up. Both men and women who are not pregnant feel low back pain during times of stress.

What can you do for your pregnancy back pain?

Safe Exercises – Talk to a doctor or a physical therapist to see what kind of activities you can perform safely. Some positions like lying on your back carry additional risk even though it may seem right. Walking, swimming and stationary cycling may help keep your weight down. However, they do very little to help your lower back. Exercises that tighten your hip flexors will increase your low back pain.

Heat and cold compresses – Under the direction of your health care provider, you can apply a combination of hot and cold compresses for temporary relief. Again compresses do not stabilize or balance the tensions within your back muscles.

Remove The Slouch – An easy way to recognize which exercises could help your lower back is to focus on those exercises that help you stand up tall and extend your spine. While you are at it, take a look at the way you sit, stand and work. Arrange your desk and work environment to help your posture.

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Workout Routines for Weight Loss


An effective workout routine to lose weight is only one part of a planning process. Weight gain is only a consequence of a series of activities that often lack planning.

Random sleeping patterns, eating schedules and workouts do not create random results, they in fact, create predictable results based on the plans of those who disrupt your sleep, market the food you eat and sell you the workouts you may or not follow.

Your participation in a planning process is not a matter of choice. You are already engaged. The only question is if you wish to participate to the best of your ability in the plans that you set in motion.

A workout schedule must provide you with templates of how to take charge of your planning process based on proven methods of success.

The Truth Behind Leptin Resistance Diet

Since it discovery in 1994, Leptin has been called many things including “obesity hormone” and “fat hormone.” And you know how creative marketers, jump on any chance to sell the latest miracle pill to help with obesity.

What is leptin? Lepin is hormone made up of protein that acts as communication signal between fat cells and the brain. Part of its job is to let your brain know there is enough stored energy in the fast cells so that the brain should stop sending hunger signals.

What is leptin threshold?

Leptin personal threshold acts as an on and off thermostat switch. When the levels of the leptin falls below your personal threshold, your brain senses starvation and send hunger signals for you to correct it by eating. As long as the levels of your leptin stay above this threshold your brain doesn’t send the hunger signals.

This process works well assuming that your brain is a sensitive to the signals that leptin sends it. And assuming that the amount of fat in your body is at healthy levels.

Your leptin threshold seems to be personal and genetically based. By dieting and reducing the signals coming from the fat cells you increase the starvation signal to the brain. Your brain response to starvation signal is to store fat.

This process creates a no win situation for you. You are eating less to lose weight and in your brain is fighting against you to keep to fat storage.

Where does leptin resistance enter the picture?

In overweight and obese individual, too much leptin is produced which essentially desensitizes the brain to its signal. Not feeling the signal to the brain is the same as not getting it. In both cases, the brain feels starved and response by sending signals to the body to store fat.

This is called leptin resistance.

Your body is designed to gain pleasure from tasks is an essential to its survival. Eating and sex are two of them. Part of the starvation signal is increasing the pleasure you feel from eating. Feeling increased pleasure from eating creates additional weight loss challenges.

Under normal conditions you don’t eat, your leptin signals go out to the brain, then you eat enough and your leptin signals return to normal and you no longer feel the need to eat or gain pleasure from eating.

When you have leptin resistance, your brain does not receive the right signals to stop the sensation related to eating pleasure.

Within hormones like leptin the physiology and psychology of being overweight merge.

What about leptin diet pills ?

When you pay attention to the process of creating leptin resistance, you realize that the brain cannot recognize the signals coming from the tremendous amount of leptin already coming from millions of fat cells within the body. Additional leptin will not help.

Also remember that leptin is a protein. When you take it in the pill form your body just digested like any other source of protein and it will not get within your blood system intact.

Some leptin supplements do not include leptin but instead they include ingredients that focus on returning your leptin sensitivity back to normal and assist you in creating the feelings of satiety through other systems within the body including the stretch signals that purely works for the volume of your stomach.

Leptin hormone diet programs that work with leptin effectively focus on naturally returning your leptin sensitivity to you by modifying the behavior that causes it.

The Leptin Diet® is an example. Those who promote it have established leptin diet 5 rules 1. Never eat after dinner. Finish eating dinner at least three hours before bed. 2. Eat three meals a day. Allow 5-6 hours between meals. Do not snack! 3. Do not eat large meals. Finish a meal when you are slightly less than full. 4. Eat a high protein breakfast. 5. Reduce the amount of carbs eaten.

The bottom line on any weight loss program always seems to go back to behavior modifications includes meal selection and timing. The ball always lands on your corner which is great, since you have the ultimate power to make necessary changes to reach the goals that are important to you.

Reality of Health


When the concept of health is reduced to medical health and insurance, your wellness suffers.

The reality of health is based on your ability to exercise your freedom of choice and manage your actions in ways that bring you mental, emotional and physical balance, energy and joy.